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this is my first blog post, so expect a rambly,introduction, about me myself and I.
My dream goal in life you may ask? I aspire to be an author/journalist/media enthusiast, however I fail to have any real experience in those given areas, then the simplest thought reached my mind, A BLOG. An easy, accessible, way to write, well- type, my ideas, thoughts and feelings about any given thing, OF MY CHOICE.
So here I am, setting up this blog, I don't expect very many people to come across it and give it the chance [I hope it deserves], but if you do find yourself skimming over these very words, then thank YOU.

The dream of pursuing a writing career begun very young [my words end up rhyming a lot, I apologize], and- here it comes, the very cheesy cliche term- I loved to write ever since I could walk and talk [what did I tell you], I just seemed to grasp the writing ability straight away, my imagination must have been filled with vivid bright and wonderful images. The TV was good back then, so that is probably why. CARTOON NETWORK APPRECIATION MENTION.

I am by no means a confident writer at times, I struggle with what to say, whether I should express my true emotions or feelings, or keep them within. I have a lot to learn, sometimes I will purposely fall away from using correct grammar and punctuation, just because I like to focus my writing on a more loquacious tone, other times I like to write in a formal manner, the target audience for my writing will most likely change every post. [Praying this isn't a problem for anyone].

I love the idea of having a blog, it's just somewhere for me to come and tell my story, to remember moments, and jot down what is running through my head at that current time, I might be talking to myself, as I am not sure how I am going to promote my blog or even gain a pair of eyes to come across it, but even so, it helps. It helps me to gain the confidence I need, and it will enable me to strengthen my ability to do what I love and what I want to pursue.

The idea of setting up a blog comes down to two people, whom I do not even know. They triggered this aspiration to set up a blog, I mean, I have at some points thought of the idea, and when I was younger I really engaged in the whole concept, but right now, at this future point my life was put into perspective.
The first person I will start with, was on my holiday to EGYPT, one year ago, my family was speaking with another family, and the 
man had asked me what I wanted to do in the future. I told him about my passion for writing, and he asked me if I had a blog, when I replied no, it hit me. A BLOG, THE MISSING GOD DAMN PIECE OF MY PUZZLE. He told me I should start one, and I was quite speechless and my mind went blank, I had to process the thought for a while, it honestly hit me, why hadn't I created a blog.
The next time was recently, at a University open day, I attended a Media talk and a girl spoke about having a blog, she said it looks fantastic for your UCAS application, because if you're trying to promote your writing abilities to a university they need proof, and if you have a blog they are able to take a look and learn that in fact, you are enthusiastic about writing, your passion is evident.

ENOUGH RAMBLING, basically, what I am trying to say is that I am new at the whole blogging concept, and hopefully I can interact with others out there who will give their time to read my blog, leave comments, I just enjoy the idea of communicating with other people around the world who perhaps share the same ideas etc etc.

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