Wednesday, 10 September 2014

An abundance of Green.

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Just finished reading yet another John Green book, this one, if not entirely obvious by the title, was called An Abundance of Katherines.

I love John's book I have the whole collection and just think they're wonderful creations of thoughts and notes and progression that have stumbled out of Green's thoughts and poured like liquid from his pen to paper.

I love the cover of the book it drew me in if not instantly, then fairly quickly. The ravishing red colour and not to mention the blurb. A guy who has throughout his life time only dated girls with names of Katherine. 19 Katherine's to be exact.

We get to witness an epic journey of Colin and his best friend Hassan who embark on their adventure to find jobs and more importantly to find themselves.

The book is quite mathematical as the main character creates a theorem in which he tries to work out who will be the dumper and dumpee in a relationship because he clearly doesn't have any luck when it comes to his.

I love John Green's style of writing it hardly differs in any of his book he has a great unique style and one that captures my attention from the very beginning.

However, I do not wish to give criticism to any of his books because he has become my new favourite author but as I have found with all his books I have read so far that they can get lost in great detail as he uses intelligent words and descriptive sentences sometimes. It is nice to see a more funny and witty side to his writing and then one that falls back onto creativity and intellect. I have struggled sometimes to get into the book properly, sometimes I fall out of interest but then I quickly get grasped back in. 

This book is no different, the characters are ones who will stay with you for a long time- they're long lasting. I absolutely love getting attached to characters I mean it's upsetting when the book ends and you have to let them go but for the duration of the book it feels real. I myself can honestly relate to the main character who feels lost in this big world and always wants to be more, he longs for a girl to settle down with one that fails to add to his long list of broken relationships.

The ending was spectacular, it was an ending that I didn't want to let go of, I was shocked it had ended and there we're plenty of more pages so I had thought they were relevant to the story. 

Overall, it was a well written, worthy read. I cannot express my feelings more for John Green he has these brilliant quotations that stick in your head for months.

You can purchase the book here: 
An Abundance of Katherines

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