Saturday, 28 February 2015

Food glorious food

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My attempt at healthy eating lol, got to have some brownies in there somewhere!
I have to also mention how cute this little lunch box is and how the little sections satisfy me so very much... It really is the simple things in life.

Going to grandma's house is really the icing to my cake, probably should have made a 'healthier joke' up there, but then again I did say this is my 'attempt' at healthy eating. After finishing the gym I went to my grandmas and I was welcomed by brownies, strawberries, cream, cookie dough ice cream, Thorntons chocolate bars, egg and spoons, and the opportunity to make buns and a cake!

I would never call myself an expert in baking or even cooking for that matter- something I can produce is cereal and toast and that's really all- it's probably best I'm living at home when I start uni or I would cease to exist from lack of nourishment! So I tend to just stick to the boxes from a local supermarket where it comes with most of the ingredients and gives you instructions on how to bake the desired product. I love doing this, for some reason it takes me and my sister hours to complete but we get there in the end. This is something many people often say but my favourite part is definitely licking the bowl, most of the time I couldn't give a rats arse about the overall food at the end, I just like potentially giving myself salmonella food poisoning. The food we baked didn't turn out that brilliantly in the end I always have false hope and the expectation that the picture on the front of the box will match what I have made, I have definitely learned that this is really never true. I don't have any photos of the boxes to show you so you can compare, but you can really see for yourself that I am no baker- but I do love doing it, and society tries to promote the whole 'do something you love for pleasure' and all that waffle. 


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