Wednesday, 11 February 2015


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LET IT GO-------
NO MORE FROZEN, IT'S 'LET IT GO', my apologies authors of the novel!!

SO, I bought this book a while back, I picked up all the recent John Green books, and I was slightly disappointed in a way that there was multiple authors and multiple stories, as I really love John Green and want him to receive all the attention- just kidding.
I have just finished reading this novel and one thing I have to say straight away is that I REALLY wished I'd have read this at Christmas time, although England did not see a lot of snow, or should I say 'a lot of snow on school days, as I love snow days off school', as the whole novel centers around Christmas, winter, snow, romance, friendship. It is an exciting read, and I have definitely changed my perspective about multiple authors in one novel, the stories did not seem as short as I had worried, they were definitely filled with a lot of emotion.

The first was my favourite. I had recently stumbled upon an article from The Guardian where someone had said this was their least favourite as it was very repetitive, I completely respect their view, but I totally disagree. Although, the author was not John Green [many apologizes again], I thoroughly thought it a fantastic read. The first story is 'The Jubilee Express' by Maureen Johnson. I would love to read more of her novels in the future as I thought her style of writing was unique and very enjoyable to read. I loved the characters and the atmosphere the novel centered on, it was a pleasure to read!!

The second story was 'A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle' by John Green, I found this quite disappointing and not like his usual style, I thought there was no depth to the story, and it was plain and repetitive. I still found some aspects quite interesting as the whole book 'merges' together, which you will understand if you read the book.

Lastly, the third story was 'The Patron Saint of Pigs' by Lauren Myracle, this was unique to say the least, it 'tried' to be quite humorous and playful which is always fun, but I felt the stories should have been better, but I did still enjoy them all as I love reading.

Like I said earlier all three stories 'merge' together if that makes sense. They all link and all have the same characters in at one point or another, and you see different sides to the characters in each book as each one takes on a perspective and narrative voice of one you had say. read in the previous one or at the beginning where you are introduced to them in the first story. This probably excited me more than it should have haha. 

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