Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Paper towns

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Paper towns by John Green.
I was so excited to read this book, the cover drew me in, and obviously the fact the author was Mr John Green himself!

When I first started reading I was immediately intrigued, I like the whole mystery aspect to it and the road trip, it makes me so badly want to go on one. However, my only disappointment was the ending, I would have preferred there to have been a super big twist at the end, and it have carried on with the mystery and suspense atmosphere it created. I really did not enjoy the ending which is a shame because I love John Green's work and I hate the fact that I am criticizing it. I am sure plenty of people loved the book throughout, but for me I just need to be engaged and intrigued the whole way through, and I like sad endings, that's sounds completely morbid, but I love a good cry. If a book can move me emotionally (I was going to write physically then!), then it is a GREAT book and good on the author, so this is why I was slightly disappointed.

I've said it before, and I will say it again, I LOVE the style of his writing, the books are a light-hearted read and I always look forward to opening the novel, turning over the first page, and then of course turning over the last and being left traumatized as I don't know what to do next! Books excite me, you could call me a book nerd.

The characters in the book are pretty cool, I wasn't really interested in any of the background characters, however I was excited by Margo, she seemed really cool and someone I would enjoy their company. The narrator and protagonist of the novel is likable also, all way through the novel I was 'rooting' for a love story. That would be another criticism I have come across, I recently lent my friend the book to read, and the first opinion she had was that she wasn't really enjoying it as it wasn't really a love story. I think some of us was expecting the novel to perhaps play out like The Fault in Our Stars, without the cancer. Even 'Looking for Alaska' brought me a better love story than this, and OH a sad twist at the end.

All in all, I love John Green, it is just my personal preferences that I had to share, each to their own!

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