Monday, 3 August 2015

A thrilling new chapter in my life.

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If you read my last post, you'll know how much I love reading, and how my new favourite genre of book is thriller/crime/mystery novels.

Recently I have read 'You', which OH MY WOW,
another one of my favourite books. I think I say 'my favourite book' in every sentence, sorry. It is scary, exciting, and thrilling, it opens our eyes to the mind of an obsessive man who stalks a woman, it is undoubtedly horrifying, "freaky", but such a good novel. I didn't want the book to be over, I loved the way it was written as the author wrote it in second person direct address, 'you' did this, 'you walked...', it felt like the stalker was watching me. Also, he called the woman 'Becks' so it was 'you did this Becks', oh if you didn't know my name is Becky... so it was SCARY, but very exciting not going to lie haha. I was absolutely rejoiced to find out the author was writing a second book. My cousin has read this book too and we discussed together how good, grotesque, but good, it was, she said it was probably too coarse and vulgar language for my little old nan to read haha.

The next book I read was said 'GONE GIRL', such a popular, and talked about book, I was so, so excited to get my hands on it. I really enjoyed this novel, again the crime and mystery aspect to it really enthralled me and kept my imagination spinning! I have to say I agree with a lot of critics and reviews, with that I didn't enjoy the ending. It just isn't my cup of tea, I think it's like marmite, you either love it or hate it. Oh. I recently watched the film, I was very excited, even after my cousin telling me that she had to turn it off because of the woman actor... me and my boyfriend watched and it wasn't as good as the book. The first 30 minutes (it was a 2 and a half hour film!!!), was CRAP. However, I did enjoy some parts of the film, but I did not enjoy the actors. I really did not like the woman, her voice was so slow and robotic, the male actor was OK... I love reading the books before seeing the film now, that was NEVER me, I always had my media head on. I loved seeing my imagination from the book come to life, or on my laptop screen at least. It was enjoyable for me to see the settings, characters etc and see how differently I had pictured them in my mind when I was reading the book. That was the most exciting part of the film, the book is 100% better, and I recommend you reading the novel instead.

Lastly, I have just borrowed my cousins book 'the hand that feeds you', and recently just finished it. It again was scary, thrilling, and filled with crime and suspense. I wouldn't say 'it was my favourite', at times I lost concentration, I think I was reading at times when I was too tired and couldn't really be bothered. Tip for self, do not read when too tired!!! It was grotesque at many points, it made me feel sick, and especially because I love dogs so much, it was centred on dogs. The mystery aspect was thrilling and exciting which resulted in a good ending. It was a psychological book, my cousin does psychology at uni that's why she read it, so if you're into that field, and definitely into reading up on sociopaths, psychopaths, crime etc give it a read.

What are your favourite books? XOXO B

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