Monday, 10 August 2015

Bridlington adventures!

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Yesterday I went to the seaside town of Bridlington, a town I have visited many times before.
There is something about it that is so 'homely', wow is that even a word? There isn't a red scribbly line underneath...
ANYWAY, a homely seaside town, filled with shops overflowing with 'touristy' gifts, the usual clotted cream fudge, the teeth-breaking rock, and doughnuts galore! I love these shops, resting by the harbour and sea, there is something about little cute beach gifts that make me so happy. I mean, I even have a section of my room dedicated to the beach, home decor post coming soon!!

I love the sea air, maybe not the seagulls flying around in it though, as my grandma so kindly told me yesterday that they can hit people and it would really hurt, so after hearing that I resulted in running around Brid, trying to duck from the bird's reach. I didn't get to go on the speed boat this time, but if you ever get the chance to I definitely recommend doing so as they're so fun, it feels as if you are bouncing on top of the water, and when it is windy and the wind and sea are splashing in your face, it makes the experience really worth wild.

I went to Brid with my sister, grandma and granddad, I have to agree with them though, that there isn't THAT much to do, but if you're fine with sunbathing on the beach, paddling in the ocean, and personally my favourite...EATING, then it may be the town for you. We spent the day on rides, fun fair rides really make me feel queasy, a feeling I received on the journey back home... but it was very fun. My little sister was really brave and went on the big rides with me, which are all located close to the sea so it really is a lovely view constantly! We also ate in a restaurant which had the stunning view of the water, it really was picture perfect as there were multi-coloured yachts out at sea, and the sun was beaming down, making Bridlington very picturesque.

Where are you going on your next adventure? XOXO B


  1. It looks very beautiful! LOL! It made me laugh thinking about the birds hitting people, I'd probably be running around ducking too.

    1. Hahaha, I'm not the biggest bird fan after that, forgot to mention they also poo'd on my little sisters hair... safe to say she wasn't impressed lol. Just checking out your blog, love it!! x

  2. Not been to Brid for ages use to go all the time brought back some good memories. Following you hun look forward to seeing more posts
    Carrieanne x

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