Monday, 3 August 2015

Egypt, books, summer loving!

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I thought I would write a little on my recent escapades, to EGYPT.
It was my second time visiting the country, and my feelings remain the same, I LOVE it.
It was a blissful, well-needed, relaxing holiday, filled with fun, memories, and laughter. Lounging around the pool all day long, eating food, spending time with loved ones, what else is better after recently being stressed from the pressures and anxieties of school and general life. Going on holiday is something I really get excited for, it's undeniable that the summer is one of my favourite times of the year. That and Christmas time.

I read two books whilst on holiday, they were absolutely fantastic. A book that can linger in my mind and make my skin tingle when thinking about it is undoubtedly a GOOD book. I first read 'The Atlas of Us' which I just picked up in Tesco's before I went on holiday, the cover and the title drew me in, the blurb sounded interesting, I love picking up books to read whilst on holiday, so I thought WHY NOT. I'm refreshing my brain a little... some weeks have passed since I read it, I wish I wrote a post as soon as I got back from holiday, so apologies if my book reviews are a little...vague.

The atlas of us was a delightful story, it had me crying, laughing and freezing up with shock, which is ironic as I was sat in a bikini, body laid out on a sunbed, soaking up the blinding hot sun. I fell in love with the main characters, I connected to them in certain ways, and I really 'rooted' for the love story. This wasn't just your average love story book, oh no. This was love, mystery, suspense, tension, anger, excitement, terror, horror. It was all the feelings you would find exposed in a teenage girls diary. The book was based on the Boxing day Tsunami, the devastation is captured in the sentences of this novel, it made the book very interesting and vivid to read, my imagination was bursting. I honestly, hands down, can say this is one of my favourite books. My family and boyfriend can verify haha, as I could not put the book down on holiday, it was constantly in my hands, it is a real page turner, and I would be shouting out loud A WAVE'S COMING, probably not the best thing to shout when my holiday resort was near the beach, but I was so enthralled within the pages I felt like I was in the story. 

The next book I read was 'the secret place', I also picked this up from Tesco's, what first captured my attention was the cover, the bright orange cover with the note 'I know who killed him'. WOW OH WOW, I am so glad I picked this book up! I'd started the book at home but I had only read the first chapter, and so I was not very interested, I decided to read it whilst on holiday and boy was I glad I did. It was absolutely brilliant, again one of my favourite books, it has opened my mind to the world of thriller/mystery and crime novels, I love novels, TV shows and films to do with them themes, I find it so interesting and eye opening. I won't lie I did get quite confused with all the different characters, I kept forgetting which character was who, which character belonged to which friendship group, but if you're better at concentrating than me I guarantee you will be fine! I loved trying to guess who the suspect was, who the murder was, it was so fun and a unique book. When I read the last page I just wanted to read the full book again. That's a good idea actually, then you can read the story knowing who the murderer is, seeing how they tricked you, got away with it, the inside look. The second perspective. I definitely recommend this book.

I loved my holiday, I did a holiday review on Trip Adviser, as the hotel had areas for improvement, but there were many good things, I won't go into detail on here, I may one day post my review, if anyone would be interested. I stayed at 'Xperience Kiroseiz parkland', Sharm el Sheikh. I would recommend the hotel I stayed at two years ago more though, which was 'Baron Resort', more expensive, but an absolute PRIVILEGE to have stayed there.

I will do another post on the other books I have read recently, this summer holidays has been boring to the say the least, I am stuck inside my house all day, either watching TV or reading, which is NOT boring don't get me wrong, it has allowed me to read lots of books which when I was at sixth form I did not have time for. 

Have you been on holiday recently? XOXO B

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