Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Summer beauty haul!

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I know how popular hauls are, so I thought I would give one a go! If you like these blog posts please let me know in the comments, and I will make sure to do more!
So a few weeks back I went shopping for some beauty products, and I had to share them with you! 

I popped into Superdrug when I was searching through the shops, and I came across a makeup brand that I had never heard of before. The products say 'I love makeup' on the front, but the company website is 'Makeup Revolution', but I'm sure you'll be able to find it easily online or in your local drugstores. I decided to give it a chance, even though the prices are cheap, the products don't seem to be! I was happily surprised to see what makeup the brand had to offer. I picked up this eyeshadow palette which immediately caught my eye, the colours are beautiful, there are brighter shades for all you daring makeup lovers out there, but for me a natural eyeshadow palette is just what the doctor ordered. Pink, gold, brown and nude colours are my favourite so this was a must have! The palette is 'I love obsession' and the name is Pure Cult' if any of you are interested. I highly recommend this palette, it was only around the 4-pound price mark, and the colours are pigmented, long lasting and look incredible on. 
Also in Superdrug, from the same line 'I love makeup' I picked up a gorgeous lipstick, which also happens to be in a gorgeous lipstick packaging. I think the packaging might be a hit and miss with some people, but for me it really caught my attention. I was feeling a little lazy when searching for products, as there were simply too many fantastic products to choose from. So I picked up the first lipstick I saw and was immediately thrilled. The shade is 'Dare to be Different', however I think it is an easy colour for most people to pull off, normally bright red shades are called 'Dare to be Different' in terms of being bright and bold. I personally think this will be an easy shade for me to rock, and in person it looks more of a brown nude colour with red undertones.
Additionally, I picked up the Rimmel London Wake Me Up concealer in 010 Ivory. This concealer is in my everyday makeup routine, I hadn't run out of my previous one but this happened to be in the sale and was at least three pounds cheaper, so I thought HEY WHY NOT. This concealer is great for under the eyes to conceal dark circles, but also to brighten the face as I apply it to the bridge of my nose, cupids bow and chin.
I decided to try a new foundation as I have never found one that works well for my skin, I normally use one from Rimmel or the L'oreal Paris true match, I think the reason I haven't liked them is that they were not the right shade for my skin. So this time I picked up the Bourjois healthy mix, as I had heard SO many good reviews about it. I have used it a couple of times so far and my first impressions are that it is amazing. It feels really light on my skin and very comfortable, I picked up the second to last lightest shade as I was concerned that it would be too light, this shade adds no colour which I would have liked, but it really does look flawless on. The coverage is great, this is the only time a foundation has ever looked great on my skin and covered my blemishes.
Just a little side note- I also bought the Real Techniques expert face brush, as I had been previously using the foundation brush from the collection and was disappointed by it, for me it was really hard to blend foundation in. However, after reading reviews and watching endless beauty bloggers rave about it, I decided to try the expert face brush and I am so glad I did, I love it! It makes putting on a foundation so much easier and it is so much sturdier and works well to blend in, I love using it with the Bourjois healthy mix foundation. 
Also from the line 'I love makeup' I picked up this beauty! The blushing hearts triple baked blusher. This product really caught my attention and there was no way I could leave the shop without it! The packaging first of all, is absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me off the too faced sweethearts blush, but just so much more affordable! The packaging of my own product doesn't look too great on here as once something goes into my makeup bag it comes out looking very messy, but please check out the brand for yourself. It was very hard to pick which blush to buy, I ended up choosing a very shimmering blush which also highlights your face. I love that it is a triple baked blusher as then you get a wider variety of colour to choose from. The last section on the blush is a pink with golden undertones, and the blush has a lot of shimmer to it, the photo does not do it justice. This product was around the four-pound mark! 
Similarly, I picked up a highlighter from the same brand, again I loved the packaging and the name. Goddess of love, triple baked highlighter is also very affordable, at around the four-pound mark. It was also very hard for me to choose which one to pick, but something about the gold really stood out, can you tell I love the colour gold? This is a really beautiful highlighter and leaves a gorgeous shimmer on your cheeks, which in the sun makes your face glow which I find stunning.
So if you're looking for affordable, pigmented and long lasting makeup, that also has fantastic packaging (bonus!), then look no further. Makeup Revolution is the one for you! 
Have you tried any of these brands/products before? If so, what are your opinions? XOXO B.


  1. What a lovely haul! I really want to try the healthy mix foundation! x

    p.s love your blog!
    Rachel Coco

    1. Thank you! and it's so good!
      I love your blog too! XOXO

  2. Oh my gosh those two blushes are gorgeous! I need them!


  3. The heart shaped bronzer is stunning! You can't fault that packaging! X

    Shopping day attire on-

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  5. Hey! I see that you're using templates from blogger candy....would you recommend them? Are they completely free of charge and without copyright? I'd love to hear your opinions :)
    Elle - http://elleandherbeautyblog.blogspot.co.uk/ xxx

    1. Hey hun, and yes I would recommend them they're absolutely stunning. There are many free templates to choose from, but also ones that cost. I've fallen in love with the templates that are free of charge, hence I've used one for myself. It is a great site to choose templates from! :) xxxx


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