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I obviously have to start off by saying I'm not trying to brag or show off in the slightest, I am sooooo grateful, I know my family go above and beyond at Christmas. I love everything I received, it has been one of the best Christmas's ever, I hope you had an amazing day too! 

Cosey toes socks and a John Frieda Hair care kit from my great aunty, jelly bean shower gel and Kellogs bath milk from my aunty Chloe!

 The cutest slippers, fox knee high socks and pink slipper socks from the grandma, and my aunty Chloe knitted me a scarf too!

 My grandma let me pick out a couple of bits from Paperchase, of course I had to get this print, a gorgeous flask, and the cutest 2016 diary ever, alongside Vera Wang glam princess perfume.. so exciting! And some Chuba Chuba tea lights from my aunty Chloe (nostalgia or what).

 Chocolates galore!

 Cute bits from my gran like Babylips, soap, lipbalms, deodorant and a makeup brush!

 My gran got me the cute dog wearing a santa hat Pandora charm, WOO! And my mum and dad got me a gorgeous pink ribbon present charm, adorable!

 My grandma treat me to a lovely nail care set, the nail varnish colours are gorgeous (the photo does not do it justice). My aunty Chloe got me some scented rubbers, a Pop Tart scented lip balm and a little jewellery dish!

My grandma got me some Aussie hair products, the most GORGEOUS Essie nail varnishes ever (been lusting over some for years) and a cute little lip balm!

She also got me A ZOELLA MAKEUP BAG!! And some of her products (the excitement was unreal when I opened these beauties).

Gran also got me the beautiful PaperChase weekender bag, and an Andrew Barton hair care kit which I am most excited about.

My mum and dad got me a cute love heart rug, and my aunty Bev gave me a cute little vintage photo frame, and my aunty Chloe gifted me a huge key key-ring ha!

 Loveeee skin care/bath products so much! And how cute is the little candle holder my sister picked up for me from the German Market, it looks amazing when a candle is lit! And my mum and dad got me this adorable alarm clock, loving the shape and colour!

  My mum and dad got me nail varnish, a Topshop ring, COCKTAIL SCENTED LIP BALMS (AMAZING), and my nan and grandad picked me up some Body Shop body butters!

 My sister also got me a Central Perk jumper, PENG! My cousins got me some cute slippers, and my mum and dad got me Fat Face products (no jokes please).

 My mum and dad got me a book and some cute mittens! My sister also treat me to some face masks, and I received s&g products WOOO...

Nan and grandad got me a cute nail care kit, my mum and dad also got me the Juicy Couture perfume (the bottle is dead fancy) and a Topshop necklace!

 My nan and grandad got me a beautiful Lily Flame candle in Blush! My mum and dad got me the worlds comfiest pjs, and the Hello Gorgeous set from Lush (YESSSSS!!!)

 I received a Nivea skin care set which I love, and my mum and dad got me these shower gels which look like huge pencils... I love!

My mum and dad got me a GUM BALL MACHINE!! (it's all I've ever wanted), alongside some gorgeous makeup, and the worlds cutest biscuit barrel (it plays music, and the penguins wave and dance, so so so cute!)

Nan got me some chocolates, sweets and a cute tumblr cup with a pretty pink straw! My mum and dad got me some gum balls, and AH JAMES BOND BOX SET (I LOVE U DANIEL CRAIG), Gone Girl, Bad Neighbours, and the Taken trilogy!

 My mam and dad picked me up the cutest little draws, SHARPIES (THE EXCITEMENT IS REAL) and Jelly Bean body butters!!

My mum and dad got me a cute slipper and foot pamper set! My nan and grandad got me some NO7 mascaras, the red one is in glittery packaging so cute.. and my aunty Bev got me a cute wine glass with my name on!

 My mum and dad got me some gorgeous N07 makeup, these palettes are stunning!

 Mum and dad got me some more gorgeous nail varnish, makeup and a book!

 They also got me some buddhas which I absolutely love, a pamper set, and an Audrey Hepburn perfume and shower set! (cute packaging right?)

 Uncle and cousin got me a S&G set woo! and my mum and dad got me such a cute present, an owl cup that comes with a sachet of hot chocolate, marshmallows and a whisk!! A WHISK, I AM SO EXCITED!!

 They also got me a Nivea set, and a cute gingerbread man that is full of biscuits!

 Then my new love... they got me a gorgeous bag from NewLook, and the cutest pug door stopper ever!
 YES MORE NIVEA WOOO, I love skincare, and I love this gorgeous kimono from my mum and dad!

 They also got me a gorgeous playsuit and skirt..

 And cute tops and a skirt!

And a gorgeous white infinity scarf and top from them!

 My new love... my grandma kindly got me a gorgeous M&S dressing gown, I saw Zoella wear it and instantly fell in love, it's the softest thing ever....

 My grandma also got me and my sister a FOOT SPA, I AM OVER THE MOON.

 My mum and dad also got me A GORGEOUS Topshop coat, I am in love with the pattern and colours!

And the prettiest dress ever... 
My lovely boyfriend got me an Adidas top and dusty rose bralette from Urban Outfitters, EOS lipbalms, Yankee Candles, a money pot, pjs, his family got me a GHD hair care set, he also got me a pamper bag set, alongside another bath set, three Body Shop glazed apple products, Body Shop mango spray, a pink stand with the date on, Burts Bee set, Bath bombs, a mug, His and Hers board game, Cranberry bath set, Ted Baker set, Nutella with my name on, a teddy, cosy socks, a Swarovski pink heart necklace, FCUK perfume, and a snuggle blanket. 

I think it's safe to say I got well and truly spoiled... I am SOOO grateful. I am excited and thrilled with every single present I got, it was a wonderful day, and I'm having a lovely month off University! I hope you all had a lovely day, whatever you celebrate! 



  1. Holy moly what a lot of stuff! I can't get over the Central Perk jumper - I didn't know these were even a thing! Looks so comfy as well. Glad you had a good Christmas :) xx

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

    1. Ah I know hahah, my family are huge Christmas enthusiasts and love spoiling people haha! And from Primark!! I have the top so I'm over the moon with the jumper :) Thanks so much, hope you had a lovely christmas!!! xxx

  2. I have the same 2016 diary as you from Paperchase, it is so cute and useful! Loved the post :)

    1. Aww :) it's lovely isn't it! and thank you :)

  3. Wow, you got some amazing presents! I love the bag and the Paperchase diary! And I have always wanted to try one of Zoe's beauty products - so I would love to read a review about them! ;) I mainly got money as I'm saving up for a new camera :) Apart from that I got some products from Rituals, perfume, the HONY book, a colouring book, a lovely makeup box etc. :) x

    1. Thank you :) Aw I will deffo have to do a review about them, thank you so much for the suggestion :) and aww what camera you thinking about getting? I would also love to try out products from Rituals, I've heard it's amazing! Hope you had a lovely Christmas xxx

  4. Wow that is alot of stuff haha =]


    1. Hahaha, think it's safe to say my family love getting in the festive spirit and spoiling everyone lol xxx

  5. Well, it's safe to say that Santa treated you well this year! So many amazing bits and pieces. I am still incredibly happy with my grandmother's gift: jewellery box that I have been dying to get and silver necklace with my initials :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. He definitely did hahaha! Thank you hun! And oh wow that sounds amazing, hope you had a lovely Christmas! xx

  6. You got lovely gifts!


  7. Omg you got so much stuff i''m so jealous! I got those cocktail lip glosses as well haha love them xx

    1. They're amazing, the cherry one is my fave xxxx

  8. Your presents are beautiful babe <3
    With love, Alisha Valerie. x

    My Blog: http://alishavalerie.blogspot.com
    My Twitter: http://twitter.com/saidbyalisha

  9. lovely haul, i hope you had a lovely christmas and a happy new year:-)xxx


    1. Thanks Em, hope you had a lovely Christmas too and have a fab new year xxx


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