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I'm so excited to be writing this post as I received such an exciting and amazing opportunity! I'm going to be writing about the double denim style on men today, as giving a female perspective on mens style may be inspiring or at the very least, eye opening?

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Now, I know this is about mens style, but I have to admit I'm guilty of rocking a double denim look, whose with me? Despite the general negativity circling this once popular 90's trend, I think we often forget that this used to be an iconic and trendy style. I mean, looking back on the photo of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake is enough to send us running, but I think the double denim look can be muted down and still look awesome. I used to wear DD (and no I'm not talking about bras) without realising, I bet you're questioning, erm how? But I used to wear my denim shirt (my old go-to style) and pair them with my pink shorts, which were actually denim, I just didn't realise that denim didn't have to be blue (oh dear).

One DD (I'm resorting to abbreviations so I don't sound repetitive) look that I think men could pull off is wearing a dark denim jean, with a light denim jacket. I think the different shades of colours will work wonders for this look! That being said, you could alternate with colours. Try pairing a blue denim shirt, over a plain top, whilst rocking the black denim jeans, I see no wrong in that, do you? I mean if Ryan Gosling can pull it off, then so can you, right, right?? Or how about the denim acid wash look, totally stylish, and you'll be keeping up with the trends.

The top underneath the shirt is key. You could dress down your bold statement of double denim by incorporating different textures and patterns. I mean, a simple white tee is always a winner in my eye, but you could really go to town here. Why not try a turtle neck, or even splash out and make it a turtle neck jumper (extra layers are important in this weather). Your still making a statement, but not overly making it all about the denim.

Lay off the denim accessories. The last thing you want is being head to toe in denim. If you don't people will mistake you for a time traveller who has come from the 90s.

Distressed denim. Why don't you go for this look? Ripped jeans are an essential in people's wardrobes these days, and are casual yet stylish. Even though you have to put up with the dad jokes "I think it's time you bought a new pair of jeans". I think the rips in the denim will divert the eyes from the DD, and spice up the look. 

I think many people are still afraid to wear this look, often it's those who like to stick to trends and not let the past make an appearance in their wardrobe. But why is that such a bad thing? I think there's a certain nostalgic pleasure in re-inventing your wardrobe with your childhood classics. I think we should all make a bold statement once in our life, especially when it comes to fashion. Personally I see fashion as a way to express ourselves, it's a creative way to show off our personality, or just to show off our latest finds to our friends. If you're interested in pulling off the double denim look and want to find out more ways on how to wear it, then visit the Jacamo blog, where there is an amazing post on how to wear the look, which you can find here:

What do you think? Do you think the double denim look should stay in the 90's, or do you enjoy wearing it?
Is it a go to, or no can do? XOXO B.


  1. I actually quite enjoy wearing double denim and despite other people opinions about how bad it is, I think it can look amazing if you pair it right. It's just hard to make a good combination. I used to wear denim shirt with my black jeans and it looks very good :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Aww greaaat!! I totally agree with you Leta! and yes that's what I used to wear a lot too! xx

  2. I usually go for black denim rather than blue, because it goes with my style a little more! I like the first look, very nice post Becky!!x


    1. I do love black denim also!! And thank you so much Aimee! xxx

  3. The only 'DD' I would be guilt of is black jeans and a blue denim shirt - but I think thats ok, right? X


  4. I'm loving distressed skinny jeans at the moment... so cute! You could wear them with like a crop top and a denim jacket right?!
    Aleeha xXx

  5. Double denim like any look can end up going so badly, but when you mix the right denim it can look really cool - especially on guys! x


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