Thursday, 7 January 2016

Snow Angel and Yoga Bomb.

I thought I'd review not only one, but two, Lush products for you today, you lucky buggers. I used the Snow Angel bath melt last night, I'm secretly still holding onto Christmas. That, or I just have way too many bath products, and it takes me forever to get through them all. I also used the Yoga bath bomb recently, I was influenced by Tanya Burr (good ole Youtube eh), so I thought I'd combine two products into one post so it wasn't ridiculously short. 

It was Wednesday 6th January, at around 6 pm. I was in denial. I was in denial over which bath product to use in my bath, Lush or Bomb Cosmetics? Now that's a tough one. I opted for the Lush Snow Angel bath melt, I thought to myself "this looks relaxing". Alas, I turned on my taps, let the warm water fill my bath tub, and waited patiently for the right time to drop Snow Angel into the steamy waters. But first... let me take a selfie let me take multiple shots of my Lush product, on my white desk (which actually has marks all over, but secretly hopes that the lighting will make it look good), whilst frantically searching my room to find some props. In the end, my eyes were drawn to this star box, which is the coolest star box I have ever seen may I add. It was originally a box of chocolates for my dad's birthday present, and now it's my blog prop. Seriously, though, look how pretty it is, and it lights up! (I tried for the sake of a good blog photo to switch the lights on, but I didn't have the right screwdriver, soz!) Lastly, I used my 'hope' letters to try to make it semi what presentable. I think it looks cute, it maybe doesn't give enough credit to the actual Lush product, but it looks cute.
Look see, I gave it some more credit. I'm not really mean. The aesthetics are 10/10 would recommend. No doubt about that. Ok, so maybe mine falls at a good 9 because it has a part of its wing missing. As you can see it's snow white on the top, no not the Disney princess, I'm just trying to use metaphorical language (is that the right literary technique? it's been a while guys, it's been a while). And underneath this beauty, is the gold, glittery (I still remember alliteration though) masterpiece, this masterpiece even leaves its signature moves behind, a.k.a making your bath look like the Queen (Beyonce, not Elizabeth) has just laid in it (glitter, e v e r y w h e r e).

I stepped into the tub, and got myself the essentials (face wash, cleanser, body wash, and carefully placed my Mac onto a chair and played 'Scandal' MY ONE TRUE LOVE), oh and the while I was participating in a Twitter chat, who says I can't multitask? There wasn't much to this bath product because it was a bath melt, it turned the water a yellow colour (in which it fuelled a joke to my sister). However, I did enjoy it as it was extremely moisturising due to the Cocoa Butter and smelt delicious (marzipan scented).

I'm also going to share with you my thoughts on the Yoga bath bomb I tried out recently,

To be the worst blogger and Lush fanatic ever, I can't really remember what the product smelt like or was like. I kind of exaggerated earlier when I said I'd used this product recently, it was a couple of months back I think lol soz. But here is where the Lush website comes and saves the day! It contains Sandalwood Oil for relaxation (hence the name of the bath bomb), Comforting and fruity Cassie Absolute, Woody and floral Ho Wood oil, and Toning and relaxing Olibanum oil. Yeah, I've never heard of them either, I'm just going on what the website's telling me.

But it's Lush, so I'm bound to have liked it!

Have you ever tried out these products before? Maybe you have a better memory than me of the Yoga bath bomb. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! XOXO B.


  1. Both products sound amazing, especially the Snow Angel! 10/10 for the amazing alliteration ;) x

  2. I also place my laptop onto a chair when I'm in the bath haha! I haven't tried either of these products so it's always good to see a review to get an idea! Even if you can't really remember the 2nd one you can never go wrong with a Lush bath bomb can you?!


    ps: that star box is gorgeous, can't believe it was for chocolates!

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

    1. Hahahah! What shows you been loving? And I know I couldn't believe it was just for chocolates xxxx

  3. Love the look of snow angel! As it dissolves it looks like light shining around it!
    Elesaurus |

  4. Yoga bath bomb looks amazing! xx

  5. I've tried Lush Bath Bombs before but never their Snow Angel. Looks amazing though! It looks amazing! <3

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

  6. I've never tried these! I never seem to be able to get my hands on them, that must show they're must haves! Yoga sounds amazinggggg so need to buy it!
    - Zya and Daizy xxxx

  7. That angel one looks amazing!! I've tried so many lush products (literally I'm obsessed!) but I don't think I've tried that one before, I need to change that asap!!x


    1. It's so nice! What's your fave lush product? Xxx

  8. Such a great post! Love Lush and Snow Angel is so pretty xx

  9. These seem so wonderful. I am yet to try Lush and when I hear 'glitter' I know it's for me!

    Sempiternal Adventures

  10. I've been spying out yoga bomb for while but I heard it leaves a mess in the bath!
    I suppose it's all worth it for that LUSH experience!

    Holly |


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