Sunday, 17 April 2016


So the other week my family and I set off for a beautiful walk round Ilkley, a must visit for anyone who likes to be at one with nature! The weather was hot, the moods were high, and so our journey began...

I mean, by the end of it we were covered in mud, and were sweating uncontrollably, but that's a good sign right?

Ilkley is just so scenic, and the countryside is one of my happy places. Going for long walks is one of my hobbies, even though I'm not a fit person in the slightest (I walk up a flight of my stairs and I'm out of breath), but tbh we do take the occasional break and whip out a picnic.

If any of you are interested in walks around Yorkshire, I recently found a really helpful website called the Walking Englishman, it's worth a look!

There's a cute cafe and hotel/restaurant nearby, so it was nice to stop off for some drinks. Nothing beats a good old cold glass of coke, and a chocolate ice cream.

It's so lovely to be able to take my dog off the lead on these walks, and let him rome about. At home, we live near main roads, and he'd probably most definitely run off from us because he's cheeky, but is actually surprisingly good when were on these longer walks, he loves running around and doing his own thanggggg. Whenever he walks off too far, he always runs back to have a gander at where we all are. Sorry for the big rant about my dog, he's just so cute.

Yes, my sister fell over in mud as soon as we got there, didn't even wait till the end of the walk, clutz. Then went my dad. He fell about 5 times. And then my mum. And luckily, not me. I took some pride in this fact.

All in all it was a fab day! I love climbing up mountains, going off route, finding cute lakes or animals. The element of surprise is great. The fresh air makes me feel so happy and healthy, and I feel like I can breathe, as obviously there's not much pollution in the air. We all had a great time, and can't wait to go back out again soon!

Do you like going for long walks? If so, where to? XOXO B.


  1. Ah, I love Ilkley! Such a good place for a nice long walk. Great photos!

  2. Great photos Becky! Looks like you had some lovely sights along the wall. Haha the photo of you sister made me laugh, that would so be me; first one to go down!! Terry and I looked at staying for 2 nights in Yorkshire last year, but as it was the hottest week of the year, decided to go near the beach instead *hides face*! We will take a trip up there one day though. We enjoy going for long walks in the wood near us in the summer.
    Love Hannah xx

  3. Awww what beautiful photos Becky - looks like you had a lovely time! Even though I'm definitely a city girl at heart, I absolutely love country walks especially with my dog :) xxx

  4. Ilkley looks like a lovely place! your photos are so lovely:) xx

  5. Aww... these photos really put me in a good mood! Beautiful! :)

  6. Stunning pictures, Ilkley looks like a beautiful place! I love going for long walks in the nature although I haven't done that for a while, mainly because it's been raining a lot. Your dog is really cute, what's his name? xx

  7. This looks like my kind of place. I love hiking and taking a loooong walk. It helps to refresh your mind and feel a bit at ease. Love all of your photos and well done for not falling over, haha :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  8. What gorgeous photos! Although your dog is the winner for me :)
    Words By Katie

  9. These pictures are amazing and your sister is so cute! You are 1 follower away from 300! I know it's not about the number of followers someone has but it's still a milestone that you're about to reach!
    Aleeha xXx

  10. Your pictures are stunning darling!

  11. Omg, I've just seen your post about Leeds, now Ilkley. Where are you from?! Cos I'm from Bradford, we could be soooo close! eeee.



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