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This is so long awaited. No, seriously. I constantly buy a library's worth of books, and always forget to sit down and review one. When one book finishes, another one opens. 

I'm a literal bookworm. I have tons and tons of books, so I'm very excited to actually sit down and review some of my latest reads for you!

Me Before You | Jojo Moyes: I'm sure plenty of you know a lot about this book, it's been hugely talked about in the media. I picked this up after watching the trailer for the film and instantly thinking, yep, this is my kind of book. So I already had a pre-conjured image of the characters, but nonetheless it didn't ruin the story. It was so inspiring, it was absolutely unreal. It made me want to be a better person, it put things into perspective, and had a strong message behind it. It was terribly upsetting, moving, emotional, yet beautiful, strong and passionate. The main characters were extraordinary, I loved the unexpected bond between them, and thoroughly enjoyed being a spectator, watching them grow. The story surrounds two people who feel stuck in life, Lou, becomes a carer for Will, who is a quadriplegic, and both try to help the other live life to the fullest, with no restrictions, but that proves to be pretty impossible. I'd rate this book 5/5.

After You | Jojo Moyes: This is the sequel to Me Before You, so obviously spoilers and all...
In all honesty, I definitely preferred the first book, but I did surprisingly really enjoy this as well. This story follows Lou, after everything changed...and how tries to better herself and make the most of her life, acting on her promise to Will. I just really loved the characters in this book, it was humorous, emotional and very tense. There were definitely moments of shock, which I liked. I'd rate this book 4/5.

Behind Closed Doors | Elizabeth Haynes: The blurb was too intriguing to not pick this up. I love thrillers, and I love a good mystery. This is full of suspense and tension, I was continuously holding my breath and felt on edge, so if you're a fan of this genre, then no doubt you'll enjoy this too. The story follows a young girl who disappears whilst on holiday in Greece. It's graphic, disturbing in most parts, but it is so interesting I could not put it down. I'd rate this book 5/5.

Dark Places | Gillian Flynn: I finished this book yesterday, it was such an interesting read. The story focuses on Libby Day, whose family was massacred by her brother when she was seven years old. Throughout the book you find out whether it was Libby's brother or not, has she put her innocent brother in prison for life? Or is that his righteous place. It's a very disturbing and graphic read, but again these thriller/mystery novels intrigue me, and offer that "I'm glad this isn't my life" pleasure. I'd rate this book 5/5.

Fix You | Carrie Elks: Honestly, I picked this up because a) the cover is super pretty, and b) the review on the blurb tempted me by saying 'The perfect book to snuggle up with when you have an evening spare with nothing but a hot chocolate or a glass of wine to keep you company'. Sadly, I was disappointed with this, I really wanted to love it, but couldn't get into it, and it dragged...I was like please end. I read some on the plane to Italy, and a lot of the time I couldn't really concentrate on it, but it was pretty boring. It follows two people who fell in love, broke up, and then try to work it out again, but there are so many complications in the way I was like 'fgs'. Yup, fgs. I rate this book 3/5 if I'm being generous.

Love From Paris | Alexandra Potter: Sooo, I was deffo tempted by the cover. But can you blame me? It's beautiful. I love love love this book. It's become one of my favourite books of all time, I simply could not put this book down. The main character Ruby jets off to Paris in need of escapism, and when there she finds an apartment that was owned by a woman before the war, and discovers beautiful love letters hidden away. Ruby is determined to find answers, who are these people, why has this apartment been hidden all these years. I loved the characters in this book, the writing was absolutely fantastic, the words created such powerful and vivid imagery I really felt like I was in Paris. I loved the whole theme of travelling, adventure and romance, it's inspired me to write my own story about a solo traveller. I'd rate this book 5/5.

Match Me If You Can | Michelle Gorman: This book was something totally different to what I normally read, and I'm so glad I picked this up, as it's made me venture out when it comes to genre. I loved how this book was split into three narratives, it made for such an interesting read. I loved each character, and how you got to experience their way of life, I loved picturing them in my head, and seeing how they all adapt to situations differently. I highly recommend this book, it's full of humour, romance and the importance of friendship. I'd rate this book 5/5.

All The Bright Places | Jennifer Niven: I'm sure loads of you have read or heard of this book before, its so widely talked about, and now I know why. It's absolutely excellent. I again, could not put this book down, it wouldn't leave my hands. The characters are amazing, the relationship between them is spectacular. It's incredibly moving, but eye-opening, you're in for an emotional rollercoaster if you read this. It focuses on mental health, and how two young people try help the other get through their worries, it's inspiring, the message behind it is very similar to Me Before You in my opinion. This is definitely one of my favourite books. I'd rate this 5/5.

In A Dark, Dark, Wood | Ruth Ware: Another thrilling book full of mystery, it was scary, and had you on edge. It's full of suspense and tension, and you're repeatedly questioning and second guessing the characters. A group of people are invited to a hen party in a remote cottage, the main character hasn't even spoken to this girl for ten years...things start going wrong, very wrong. It's full of lies, deceit, secrets.. it's so interesting, I again could not put this book down. I'd rate this book 5/5.

So there you have it. A round up of the books I've been recently reading. I have so many more sat waiting to be opened and loved, so let me know if you'd like more reviews!!

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Have you read any of these books before? If not, is there any that you'd like to pick up?! XOXO B.


  1. Loved this post! So many books I need to pick up from here but I have so many on my to-be read pile (They are slowly going down though!) Amazing reviews on each book!
    Meg xo

    1. Thanks Meg!! Really haha?!! You'll have to let me know your faves, as I'm always on the hunt for more books!! xxx

  2. There is nothing better than finding new books to add to my book bucket list. I also read Me Before You and the sequel and loved both books, they contain a really powerful message and definitely made me cry. All The Bright Places is one of my all time favourite books, I really like the author's perspective on mental health and how the book is written. I definitely need to read Love from Paris, it sounds amazing xx

    1. Definitely agree! They're amazing aren't they?! I love them, I can't wait to see the film! Yes definitely, I love how important mental health is portrayed as in this book, it's amazing! And oh please do, honestly best book ever!! xx

  3. Omg becky you could literally open a shop haha! I love this! xo

  4. I really want to read Me Before You, and you've definitely sold it to me now! Dark Places sounds like it's going to be really good too, I love anything creepy/mysterious so I think I'll enjoy this one. Thanks for reviewing!! xxx

    Y x |

    1. Pleaaaaase do!!! And Dark Places was fantastic, I also can't wait to watch the film!! Xxx

  5. Great list of reads! I totally loved Me Before You and was surprised by how much I loved After You! I'd love to check out that book Love from Paris - sounds so gooood! Thanks for all the recommendations!

  6. Loooove this post because actually most of the books that are on here I have read and loved so it was super relatable! Great post♥

    PS, I found you on my twitter so I decided to give you some love and follow your blog :)
    Jumana @ Books by Jay

  7. I loved All the Bright Places so I'm definitely going to give Me before you a go too!
    Teen-fictions like all the bright places are my favourite... they aren't too childish, but it's a very easy and simple read.
    Aleeha xXx

  8. I loved this post! May have to pick up many of these books ;)

    My Little Online Space

  9. I read Dark Places last month and didn't like it too much (it was a 3 star book for me), I enjoyed the story but I found that the POVs were a little off. It was weird to read Ben's POV and then his mothers, because you always knew the answers to what she was wondering in her POV. If that makes sense. It just didn't read well for me. Also Libby as a character was the worst. I couldn't stand her.

    I definitely preferred Gone Girl to Dark Places, although I have seen many people prefer the books the opposite way around. I think it's interesting to see how different people feel about a book.

    I have In A Dark, Dark Wood and All The Bright Places on my Kindle to read sometime, although I'm not sure when I'll get around to them. I have too many Ebooks to read!

    ~ K

  10. I really want to read the me before you series after watching the film, I sobbed like a baby!
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  11. There's nothing better than sitting down with a good ol' cup of tea and getting your head stuck in with a book. I've only recently just finished reading All The Bright Places and it was heartwarmingly beautiful. I highly recommend reading Gone Girl if you haven't read it already! xx

    Charlotte xxx

  12. I went to watch me before you with my friend and sobbed my heart out! I definitely need to give the book a read though! I've heard it's brilliant xx


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