Monday, 15 August 2016


Last week my sister, grandma, aunty and I took the train to Hebden Bridge, a market town in West Yorkshire. I'd never been before, but I'd heard glorious remarks about this little town from family and friends who promised it was lovely and very photo-worthy.

Safe to say I was not left disappointed, it was very picturesque and had a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere to it. We didn't get up to much, but we ventured into the cutest shops, and had the nicest meal ever, seriously you have to see the photos.

When we first arrived we were met by gorgeous views of the canal, and the Rosie and Jim esque boats sitting delicately on top of the water. The weather shifted it's mood continuously throughout the day, some moments the clouds drifted apart and released the golden light of the sun, other times they opened and released a fury of rain, bolting down onto the ground. Nonetheless, we still had an enjoyable day, and the weather seemed to be on our sides, as it only poured down once we were safe and sound inside, enjoying our meals.

Whenever I travel I have to take photos of buildings, so obviously there was no exception at Hebden Bridge.

I also love decor inside shops, so upon finding pretty stores I had to sneakily take loads of snaps for you. And of course for Instagram, because who doesn't put social media first?

I also spotted one of my favourite shops on the journey, The Yorkshire Soap Company. You may remember my love for this shop because of the post I wrote here, when me and my bestie had a bloggers day out. I love the inside of the shop, it's so colourful, it's impossible not to photograph. Everything smells absolutely delicious in here, my favourite scents being Cherry Bakewell and Yorkshire Rose. Please go and have a sniff of their products. It was hard to resist not buying anything, the bath bombs were so tempting...

For once I wasn't that hungry when it got to dinner time (very unusual for me, I normally devour food every minute of every day), so I opted for a healthier option, woo go me. I've been trying to become a more healthy person recently, consuming a gorgeous smoothie everyday, and eating more healthier options, with the occasional work out, and I mean occasional, I'm so unfit and lazy. The restaurant we ate in was called Aya Sophia Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine, I'm very picky with food and never venture out, so I was very excited to try something new. For starters, I had the garlic mushrooms, which I actually didn't like, but the sauce was absolutely beautiful, I could have eaten just a plateful of that alone. For my main I had a Greek salad, and it was absolutely divine, full of grilled chicken, halloumi cheese, feta cheese, turkish sausage, lettuce, cucumber, onions, it was the best thing ever.

All in all, it was a nice little day out. I don't go back to uni till the end of September, so it's been nice to step out of the house for a day trip here and there. Hebden Bridge is a really cute little town, I'd definitely recommend!

Have you ever been here before? If not, have you been on a day trip recently? XOXO B.



  1. Aww I love this, I always here about Hebden Bridge, it looks so cute!x

  2. I've never been here but it looks so quaint and pretty! Looks like such a relaxing trip, great photographs! xx

    Y x |

  3. Love this! I need to visit so badly, this looks adorable. What a lovely post, thanks for sharing!

  4. Amazing pictures, I also love taking photos of pretty buildings. And there is nothing better than cute little shops, especially if they are decor shops and are instagrammable (because social media first right? haha). The bath bombs look too good to be real, I really need to try this soap company. And garlic mushrooms sounds great too, I am really unadventurous when it comes to food but garlic mushrooms would be right up my street :) xx

  5. your photos are so beautiful! the chest of drawers look so lovely. i hope you had a great day:)

  6. Ah I love yorkshire as all my family is form up north, I've not been to Hebden bridge in yonks! I adore the yorkshire soap company everything they do is divine!

    she dreams

  7. I haven't been to Hebden Bridge for ages! You've some really lovely photo's on this post!

    My blogs had a make over, I'd love to hear what you think! I was going to add your button to my blog, but you don't seem to have one!


  8. Such a beautiful looking town. Great snaps, the buildings and river looks so pretty and I completely agree with you, the insides of the shops are too nice not to photograph.

    Love Hannah xx

  9. Those bath bombs are so pretty!
    I never watched Rosie and Jim as a child... I don't if it was more of a 90s thing and I missed out since I was born in 2000 but people at school say they've watched it too!
    Aleeha xXx

  10. These photos are all beautiful! It's definitely a thing to take pictures of buildings hahah, I'm exactly the same!

  11. Your photography is beautiful! I've never ever been to Yorkshire before but I would love to go, and not going to die all the food looks beautiful too X

  12. Hebden Bridge looks so beautiful! I'd love to visit there one day! Lovely photos also!

    Sophie xx |


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