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Recently I received the most exciting package ever, I was literally like a child opening Christmas presents. Technic Cosmetics were lovely enough to send me some of their makeup products, and I can't wait to share them with you!

Technic has been one of my favourite brands for years, I have so many of their products, so I was absolutely ecstatic to try some more! They offer such incredible products for a really affordable price. P.S Blogger has reduced my photo quality, and I'm not sure why, so please forgive me!

Already from Technic I own soooo many of their nail varnishes, seriously, they have the best shades, pigment and quality, even if you're lazy like me and just want to use one coat, you can. I also own another eyeshadow palette, highlighter (which is one of my all time faves, deffo a dupe for Benefit's High Beam), blushes etc, so I had high hopes for these products!

I was immediately drawn to the eyeshadow palette when I first opened my parcel, I mean just look at it. The colour range is pretty on point if you ask me, and there's an array of matte's and shimmers, so there's something for every occasion. The palette is the Mega Nudes 4, so if this one doesn't tickle your fancy, there's loads more in the collection you can choose from! I couldn't find the price online, but their other eyeshadow palette's have been £5 and under! The shimmer shadows are highly pigmented, and even make a gorgeous dupe for a highlighter, the sparkly pink I'm looking at you. A couple of the matte shadows didn't show up very well when I swatched them, but the colour pay off was a lot better when I actually applied them onto my eyes. The eyeshadow look I went for recently, consisted of me using a matte light pink as the transition colour, followed by a dark purple in the crease to add definition and shape to the eyes, and then a light pink glittery shadow all over the lid. I used the PRO Eyeshadow Blending Brush for every step, it's a great multi use product, as it worked well for the crease, to sweep eyeshadow all over the lid, and of course to blend everything together. The brush retails at £3.99 and is so soft and sturdy, and blended the eyeshadows beautifully!

I used the Sponge to blend out my foundation and concealer, however the sponge was too hard, so it made applying my base makeup difficult, and hurt to press into the skin. I then used the Correct and Contour palette which retails at £4, I'm new to this step, so I had fun trying out each colour on my face! There is a demonstration on the back to show you what each product does and where to apply it, which I found very helpful! I like this palette because it's compact and has everything in there, including contour shades and a silver shimmer to highlight. I used the darkest one to contour with and loved the result, it helped give my face shape and helped define my non-existent cheekbones! I found the lighter shade at the end worked best for a brow, nose and under the eye highlight. The lilac colour included is to correct yellow skintones and bruises, I found it did actually work well for my skin, and the green, which is to minimise redness, did it's job well as it covered the redness on my nose, which no concealer ever manages to do. The yellow shade is to neutralise purple dark patches, but I don't really have any, so I couldn't put this one to the test, and lastly the silver shimmer was quite good at brightening.

The Define and Highlight which retails for £3.49, is in a very thin and small compact, so it's great for on the go, and has a demonstration on the back showing you how to apply the products. The contour shade is a nice colour, but you have to blend this out quickly before it sets onto your skin! The highlighter when swatched appeared quite orangey and had fall out, and when applied to my face didn't show up! So instead I went in with the Get Gorgeous Bronze Highlighting Powder which retails at £3.49. I applied a generous amount at first, and because it is extremely pigmented it looked like I had put on a massive line of bronzer all over my cheekbones, so next time I will use less, and may try it as an eyeshadow and see how that works. So for the third time I tried a different highlighter. I opted for the pink shimmery shade in the eyeshadow palette, and I am so glad I did, words cannot describe how beautiful it looked. It was so pigmented, my skin was glowing all day long! The picture below shows the swatch of the Get Gorgeous Bronze Highlighting Powder at the top, followed by the lipstick, and then the bronzer and highlighter from the Define and Highlight palette.

I was very excited about the Vitamin E lipstick in the shade Bare, it retails at £1.99 and it didn't disappoint. The lipstick itself smells beautiful (which is always a plus), it's very pigmented, and the colour is very pretty, even though it's not one I'd normally go for. It matched my pink eyeshadow look nicely, so I was pleased!

And lastly the Nail Varnish which retails at £1.99, I had high expectations of this product because I already own some of their older polishes, and they never cease to amaze me. It's a very pretty light pink in the shade Slow Dance, again, I normally tend to go for darker colours, but this is a really lush colour. I was slightly disappointed by this, and definitely prefer some of their older varnishes, it needed a lot of coats, and kept sliding off revealing the nail underneath, but the colour did actually look so pretty on.

Overall, the makeup look I created with these products was gorgeous, it was extremely glowy and pink, and I loved it! I will always recommend Technic Cosmetics, they're great quality and extremely affordable. You can find them on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Have you ever tried Technic's products before? If not, have you seen any you'd like to try out?! XOXO B.


  1. Loved your reviews, I love how that highlighter looks, it is gorgeous. xx

    Sofia |

  2. I've really been wanting to try some correcting palettes - this one looks good and handy that it has a demonstration to help beginners like us, haha! I've actually never heard of this brand before but am definitely going to check them out now!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  3. What a great review! I've only tried a couple of Technic products, but I love the affordability of them and through trial and error I reckon you can find some half decent products. Your swatches are gorgeous btw xx

    Lauren |

  4. That eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous! I have a Technic Cream Contour palette which works so well on my skin. I've nearly ran out of it! I find the quality of Technic to be so good considering it's such an affordable price range :) Love this post!

    Charlotte x

  5. I am so jealous, these all look amazing. I need that highlighter and eyeshadow palette in my life x

  6. That eyeshadow palette has some lovely shades! I'll have to try it out! x

  7. I've seen so much of this brand on blogs, just no idea where it is sold! The highlight & eyeshadow palette looks amazing!


  8. Oh my that eyeshadow palette and highlighter looks absolutely amazing! Might have to get myself some! Lovely post!x

    Rebecca |

  9. They eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous! Definitely an exciting package, I've seen so much of their makeup in Bodycare!
    Aleeha xXx

  10. The eyeshadow palette is absolutely beautiful! I may just have to go purchase all of these! Fab post, thank you!

    Sophie xx |


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