Thursday, 31 August 2017


Wow, this feels strange, to be writing my first blog post since December 2016. It's crazy how long I've been away, but I wanted to write something, I'm just in a Lush bath currently, feeling ever so inspired. I. Need. To. Write.

I stopped blogging because I became disinterested, I wasn't happy with it, I wanted to fixate on learning how to take the best flat lay, coming up with exciting beauty posts, keeping up with trends that were occurring in the blogger and YouTube community. But that's not me (I don't think I'll ever be able to get Kem and Chris out of my head). This is to an extent anyway... I'm just not great at photographing products, I don't have good lighting, and my bedroom is most certainly not Pinterest/Tumblr inspired... *yet, watch this space*.
I'd rather do more random posts, I adore my travel ones, hell yes to scenic photos of da views, but I'd like to incorporate more journalistic inspired posts (hello TV show reviews, daily ramblings, media content). I mean, I am studying a Media degree after all, and what better than to turn my blog into a media portfolio too... showcasing my writing, video production, university work... I want to feel proud of my blog, I want to feel inspired whenever I come to write. Don't get me wrong I would still love to do the generic hauls, beauty posts, vlogs, I'd just like to incorporate more of "me" into it, and if that's not insta worthy photos of beauty items then so be it, I'll make it up to you in other ways, I promise.

It's hard with University, I'm currently going into my third year in September, so expect me to have a panic when it comes to starting the dissertation. I have to be honest, I still don't have a clue what I'm doing... so it's gonna be difficult to post, I can't maintain a set schedule, and then to use social media everyday promoting my blog, it'll be too difficult. So things are gonna be changing around here, but in a good way, I'll feel happier knowing I'm posting when I'm feeling inspired and motivated, knowing I'm excited to do it, proud even, of my productivity.

Another exciting update is that my friends and I are planning on starting a joint YouTube channel. I'll still post some vlogs on my own account (yes I'm talking about you Scarefest vlog from my 2016 Alton Towers trip, oooooops), and my recent holiday away with Billy. Myself, Tash and Mariam want to combine our similar and even different interests and personality traits into videos for you guys, and where gonna try our best to bring originality and creativity into it. So expect an announcement on this soon, because I'm so excited, starting YouTube has been my dream since the days of making lip synching music videos to Owl City Fireflies.

I have to start putting my dreams and interests above what people will think of me, why should I care about what others have to say, in the long run I am going to be happy with my accomplishments, and that's all that counts.

  • Second year of uni took over everything, but I came out with an AAAB!
  • I had an amazing holiday, soaking up the sun in Fuerteventura with my bff/boyf Billy! 
  • Watched a shit load of TV shows as usual
  • Had a healthy kick start to the year, now I'm slowly becoming a lazy ass hermit again
  • Experienced an incredible Ed Sheeran concert with Bill, and became a lil kid again at Xscape!
  • Date nights and sleepovers with my fave girls
  • Turning into a grandma on every single night out (note to self, YOU CANT HACK IT ANYMORE!!!)
  • Third year of uni. ha. ha. ha. ha. help. me.
  • Vlogs, Challenges, Tags, Advice, The Dissertation Diaries, Hauls, Makeup, Fashion, Get Ready With Us (probs tipsy versions too), Room Tours, artsy fartsy creative vids, short films, you name it, the whole shebang.
  • More blogging!!!! (showcasing my uni work for potential employees HELLO)
  • Being reunited with my bezzie Shannice (she lives in Italy, I hate her lol)
  • Organising my room
  • My 21st birthday, it's acceptable to class the whole of September my "Birthday Month", right?!
  • Becoming more educated, keeping up to date with current affairs, politics, the media in general, I just want to become more intelligent OK?????? 



  1. So nice that you have discovered what you want to do, it's always better to just be yourself! :) Xx

    Sophia || Sophia's Sphere || 🌺

  2. Looking forward to your youtube channel, I'll definitely look at it! I'm glad you're not just doing posts for the sake of it, I would love to read different travelling posts as well especially as I'm going on holiday next week! It'll make me even more excited! xx

    - Lauren


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