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Netflix and Chill anyone? 

What better way to come back to blogging with a TV show review. If there's one passion I have in life, it's gotta be TV show binge watching. All day, every day. My pick of the bunch today is a show I've just recently finished watching, a Netflix Original...

I would highly recommend Designated Survivor, what an INCREDIBLE show that promotes the importance of equality, and explores current affairs such as racial divides, and the dangerous nature of power and politics. It even illustrates the stereotypical targeting of ethnicities that is reflective of contemporary law enforcement in America.

Kiefer Sutherland why have I not respectively acknowledged your presence before? Guys I swear I've seen Lost Boys... once... *gulps*. Sutherland plays Tom Kirkman, your kind of low level, unprecedented average Joe, who just so happens to be a cabinet member. Yes, working within political grounds but is hardly acknowledged or registered as anything more by his superiors. This is until a deadly terrorist attack arises at the Capitol, a catastrophic bombing that takes the lives of the President of the United States and most of the cabinet, further erupting the lives of millions of Americans.

Like I said. Tom Kirkman was your average Joe. A down to earth family man, who took the title of a Housing and Urban Development Secretary. Unsurprisingly, he was "gifted" with being the Designated Survivor, which means he would instantly become President, if an attack took place and the current Leader of the Free World was no longer alive. Do you see where the plot could go from here? Kirkman. President. Kirkman. Leader of the Free World. Kirkman. He's just a Joe, not a President.

Well this is where the story spins out, spiralling down intriguing plots and enigmas, how can this one man, with no other political background other than his lower level cabinet member job, run the free world? Does he really have what it takes to be in charge? To come up with quick, thought out decisions when the clock is ticking. To bring order to chaos, to fight against terrorism, to maintain peace and order in America?

If you think this sounds familiar... you're probably right. Kiefer himself noted how events from the real world have seemed to subside with the show, perhaps representing the lack of experience and presidential values Trump seems to have. However, Kiefer did go on to say that the show was written long before Trumps presidency, and even his candidacy, thus Designated Survivor appears to coincidentally tell the story of the real world election.

But I must point out, that first and foremost, Tom Kirkman does not represent Donald Trump, in any light. We would be lucky to have Kirkman as the President of the United States. He not only shows courage and fierce determinism when it comes to rebuilding the lost world of America after such a devastating attack, but he serves as a man faithful to his country and its people. Through this he uses his power to try put an end to racism, and the stereotypical ideologies of those who abuse their power. There is a stark contrast between Kirkman and many of his counterparts, and it makes him fit for Presidency. He will do everything in his nature to stop evil and hatred from ruining America and further ripping it to shreds. Kirkman stands for the rebuild and regrowth of America, his ideological values are honourable.

Like I stated previously, the show grips on to real life events, such as the gut wrenching stories we hear of police unlawfully killing unarmed and often innocent citizens, many believing that the motive behind it is race. Designated Survivor portrays law enforcement stereotypically targeting certain ethnicities and their communities, immediately after the terrorist attack, creating a widespread divide stemming from an unjust hatred and wild propaganda. Kirkman however, does not stand for this, and thus we are subject to opposing beliefs in society, we see how inhumane some people can actually be. It is refreshing to see a show create awareness of societal issues, and it doesn't just stop at race, religion and ethnicity, but also sheds light on refugees, and how America as a country should be more accepting of those who wish to seek refuge, again further reinstating that Designated Survivor represents real world events.

An interesting article from The Atlantic posited that "There’s something clever about a network show combining the day-to-day politics of The West Wing with the paranoid conspiracies of Homeland." I have found myself drawn to this quote, I genuinely couldn't agree more. Although I haven't personally watched an episode of Homeland, I can admire the basis of it, and Designated Survivor does just that. The basis of having FBI investigations running through its plots and stories, uncovers many truths and secrets whether it be from inside the White House itself, or even within the intelligent agencies. This makes the show that bit more interesting to watch, as we as the viewer are subject to different perspectives and tactics, from people with different backgrounds. Another notable character is FBI agent Hannah Wells, who again banishes stereotypical depictions, namely that of the female gender. Wells is hard hitting, strong and powerful, a great agent working in the field. She uses her intellect to work out something isn't quite right with this terrorist attack that has fallen on America like a ton of bricks, thus the show additionally allows us to follow Wells on her journey of finding out the truth. Wells does work alongside her male boss, who is extremely intelligent and powerful, but the equality is not unfairly represented between them both, despite the superiority imbalance in their job descriptions. As you can hopefully see, the writers and producers of this show deserve a medal or five, their admirable values and ideologies are reflected through their work, creating a just and fair society in the world of Designated Survivor. 

I will leave below links to articles and reports I've seen on Designated Survivor, for some more background and information, ones that will hopefully inspire you to screen this show on a device immediately. I mean it's on Netflix, what are you waiting for?


Show trailer (a must watch):

Interesting articles:



  1. Oooh I'll have to give this a watch after reading this! x

  2. Will have to give this a watch, I've been so hooked on Netflix lately watching the Defenders haha! Your blog is beautiful, I love it! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  3. I'll definitely have to watch this!!
    I have nominated you for the Mystery Blogger award also as I absolutely love your posts!

    You can find out more on my blog: 💓

  4. I have really neglected my Netflix account since I finished PLL so it would be nice to watch something else - this sounds perfect x

    Claire |

  5. ah so many people have told me to watch this! reading this review it sounds right up my street too...

    i absolutely love a sunday spent in my pyjamas binge-watching a new show and i've just finished the one i'm currently on. this one is gonna be next!! i'll let ya know what i think, thanks for the rec! ♥

    katie. xx

  6. I keep looking at this and passing it by to re-watch iZombie (again again) but I think I'll give it a go, this review is fab :)
    Cora ❤

  7. I LOVE Designated Survivor too! It's so good.

    Sincerely, Sarah xx

  8. I've not seen any of these how is this possible! I love the fact you binge watch them, cause I'm exactly the same! Really need to watch the Designated Survivor trailer now!

    Alys |

  9. Wow, I've never heard of this before but it sounds very interesting. Plus I love Kiefer Sutherland in 24 so I'm sure he's good in this. Will have to add to the watching list

    Lon x

  10. This is the first time I've really heard any buzz around this show but it sounds like something I'd really like. I'll give it a watch! Thanks for the recommendation :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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