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Soooo... I er know it’s nearly March, but I’ve been meaning to do a What I Got for Christmas post since the day itself, but third year of uni has taken over, and I’ve been focusing all my time and effort into being a social media volunteer for a local Oxfam store! It’s been incredibly exciting!

I normally put the long disclaimer here, but hopefully you all know I just like to post these as a means of being able to look back at the lovely things I was gifted over the years. So get ready for a very photo heavy post, I think it’s appropriate here, pictures speak louder than words.

So my boyfriend kindly got me two French Connection underwear sets, one black and one white (hella flattering guys), the most gorg Puma joggers to lounge in whilst using the Movie night set! 

He also treated me to a HP Sprocket!! I was in absolute shock at this, I never thought I would get my hands on one... the colour and the case is absolutely beaut too.
Lemme tell you, this little speaker is the ONE! First of all it's rose gold...can we just?! It's portable, a great travel size, and is SO loud, it's incredible. I was desperate for a speaker, so he did good. I have also wanted a pair of wireless earphones for the longest time, so I was so happy to receive these! I feel like James Bond when I turn them on/off by my ear! He always gets me cute little books, this little book of positivity is just too sweet. 
My mum treat me to a gorgeous Next perfume, honestly if you have never tried a perfume from Next, you are missing out, they're some of my all time faves. My mum did really well on the makeup front too, Makeup Revolution Brow Gel, Makeup Revolution Blush Palette and a Maybelline Metallic Lip Kit. 
She also got me a gorgeous Sleek highlighter kit!! I've wanted this for the longest time, and I can confirm it's worth all the hype! Oh my, get ready for this... this is an AMAZING highlighter palette...and it's from Primark. It's just like the Zoeva ones, it's fab. 
My mum also got me such a cool highlighter palette (who can ever have too much highlight?!) from Makeup Revolution, and a Millie Mackintosh bronzer, blush and highlight set!
Billy also kindly got me some cocktail lipbalms (I'm a huuuge fan of the cocktails, gimme Disaronna Sours, Sex on the Beach, Woo Woo, Daquiris, Purple Rain, you know it!) He also got me the cutest Beauty and the Beast lipbalm set, these tiny lipsticks from Winky Lux (soz about the upside down product) that I'd never heard of before, but wow are they pigmented, and the colours are GORG! He also got me this Nyx primer and glitter set, oh wow, I am shooketh. This product has changed my eyeshadow game, for real.
Bill's sister got me some Highbrow lipglosses and eyeshadow, and his parents got me a Dove set (one of my fave skincare brands ever!!) and my fave chocs Ferrero Roches! 
Ahhh Billy got me the most stunning pjs ever from M&S, honestly they are great quality, super comfy, the colours and pattern are gorgeous. The top has lace detailing and a choker neck, I'm sorry what...stylish pjs?! Hell yeah. He also got me microwave slippers...yuh you just heard that right, amazing.
My mum got me the softest jumper and gloves in the world, 10 points for you Primark! My gran also gifted me some gloves and a scarf that are too soft for words.
I have an obsession with pjs. And people really catered for that need this Christmas. Primark has some of the best nightwear in the world, they're always super cosy. The pjs on the right hand side are dead flattering too, I'm tempted to wear the pants out lmao. 
More clothes and skincare!! 
My sister got me a Zoella gift set, the packaging is so cute! I also received a Makeup Revolution Smokey eye palette from my mum, and tons of skincare, hello mask central. 
Wow!! Just look at this present from my grandma! I love hampers, I was so excited when I received this! There's an adorable little elf, bath bombs, lipbalms, chocolate, hot chocolate fudge, oils, Body Shop cleansers, pillow sprays, shower gels, moisturizers, a Victoria Secrets spray, just sooo much!
More makeup from my mum! Who doesn't love Real Technique makeup brushes? 
My bff Shannice got me the most beaut pjs ever, I feel all those Victorias Secret Angel vibes... Candles are another one of my obsessions, so my aunty and cousins knew how to please this gal.
Skincare, headphones (I really needed some, so thanks mum!), and my aunty does crochet, so she made this for me!
My grandma got me this necklace, and amazing umberella that says every cloud has a silver lining, I think it lights up in the dark too, I'll have to test that one out for you! My mum also got me a brolly cos mine always break! My nan and grandad got me the Body Shop lipbalms which is just incredible as I've wanted them, and I just cannot throw this packaging away can I! The cup is gorgeous too, I'm always more motivated to drink water out of these, I don't know why!
My mum got me a Pink Fizz gift set and this Heinz I love chips gift set hahaha it's ace! 
She also got me Ash VS Evil Dead (has anyone ever seen this? Lemme know in the comments), Angels&Demons and the Davinci Code! I even got more face masks and skincare products!
YAY to Yankee Candles (my faveeee) and my gran got me some water dancing speakers as I've wanted some for honestly years, and a Body Shop Coconut gift set!
Ooo I got a Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer (I really need to start taking care of my nails!), a detangle hair brush, a Primark makeup set and more lipbalm (of course).
River Island do the nicest purses, hands down. Ah I also got another speaker from my mum, this one lights up different colours, it's like a rave, I love it. She also got me the shampoo and conditioner I was lusting over, it's Vanilla and Chai Spice scented, hallooo. My nan got me the comfiest earphones in existence, and they're gold!!!
Books from Shannice and my fam!
AHH! My gran went above and beyond!!! I am so excited to start collecting these. Sam, Dean and Crowley from Supernatural, Eleven from Stranger Things, and Jareth from Labyrinth! 
Chocolates and a gorg Tanya Burr nail varnish set from my bff Holly, a Dash Cam and hot chocolate set from my mum! 
This excites me greatly, just look at all the face masks!! (Thanks to my mum, grandma and aunty!)
Lush ButterBear from Shannice, cosy socks, diary, and picture from Hol! 
How gorgeous is this makeup bag!! There's actually two, it's so practical and fab. I love the decor pieces from my mum and nan too.
A gorgeous new lamp and more Dove yaasss
Lush, bath fizzes and wine from Hol, more makeup and a Jack Wills perfume set from my nan!
Amazing candles from B&M (they do some of the BEST), and soooo many face masks (this was actually something I really needed, but didn't tell anyone, yet everyone knew!)
Ahhh the most beaut River Island bag from my grandma and grandad, and a new Remington curling wand from my mum!
Hello chocolates! How will I ever get through all this, anyone wanna help?
I also wanna say thanks to my other family members who gifted me money and gift cards! 

I'm sooo grateful for the best presents in the world! If you'd like any product reviews lemme know in the comments and I'll BE SURE to provide that content! I'd love to see what YOU got for Christmas, so feel free to link your posts in the comments! XOXO B.


  1. I love this all! There's such a variety here. I suppose you've got enough beauty products to last you a little while. I think my favourite would definitely be the light up letter! Those are great as decoration for your room, I need to get my hands on one.

    Gemma |

  2. You lucky girl! All those gifts are the dream! I also got the Cashmere perfume (love it) and would love to get the Sprocket :)


  3. This is more than I've had in the last ten Christmases combined! Treasure it!

  4. Oh wow, you got crazy amount of presents – lucky you! Everythings looks great and I bet you are evry happy with everything. Love how you shared it all with those coulourful pictures. Lea, xx

  5. I really respect the fact that you wanted to post this so much that you didn't care that it was a slightly off season topic now. I'm really jealous of the sprocket! I've seen so many people get one and become completely obsessed with it. And they look like the softest gloves ever! x


  6. WOW! Looks like you did amazingly well this Christmas! I love reading these kinds of posts to see what everyone else got! I've found that as I've got older I don't tend to get as much because my presents cost way more but you seem to have got loads, I love getting loads of little bits to open like your face masks and little gift sets! That Sprocket is really pretty and those pyjamas from M&S look gorgeous! My mom always does us a movie night hamper with sweets, popcorn, chocolate etc. and this year she added some face masks and eye masks to it I always look forward to seeing what we've got in there!

    Jess xx

  7. Wow! You really got some amazing gifts! You are so lucky to have such special people in your life. I loved looking through your pictures!

  8. Wow, what an amazing haul for Christmas! I love the NYX Glitter set and that rose gold speaker is to die for!

  9. This gave me tons and tons of Christmas vibes! I say, better late then never at all...You got some wonderful stuff though! defiantly adding you to my email notifications for future blog posts 😉 xxx


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