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Here’s why you need to visit Lloret De Mar

Hey guys.... remember me? I can’t believe I’m finally publishing a blog post. I completely fell out of love with blogging, but I’m hoping to make a comeback with a whole lotta good travel content.

Sunday 16th September 2018 saw my boyfriend and I embark on a wondrous adventure to Lloret De Mar in Costa Brava, and I was not expecting what was to come...

Here’s why you need to visit Lloret De Mar.

Hoping for a cheaper holiday by going in September school time (we usually go in the warmer months of June or July) we were soon met with the realisation that holidays are always gonna be expensive. I was apprehensive about a September holiday to say the least, “But what if it rains everyday?!”, “Look Billy, BBC weather says there’s gonna be storms”. My boyfriend, the more level-headed one of the two took on a more positive, rational approach: “Even if it does rain, there only ever like 15 minute showers, it’s no big deal.” Okay Billy, fair point. Yet whilst it did chuck it down and thunder one of the days (might I just add), the rest was blue skies and sunshine. And anyway, I don’t even like sunbathing. I’m a legit vampire. So what was I moaning about.

Our flight was an early 6:30am departure, meaning a night of no sleep was on the cards. My enormous suitcase was acting as if it had just downed 6 vodka lemonades (yes, 6 becomes a disastrous, off-balanced, Bambi-stumbling, collapsing on the floor nightmare for your gal Becky here, whoops). The flight was a measly two and a half hours from Leeds Bradford, easy. I of course had to order my traditional aeroplane combo, a cuppa and a bag of chocolate fingers.

We chose to go on holiday to Lloret because my grandparents (Steve and Jackie) live over there, and I hadn't seen them since I was really little. They're really into photography and own so many fancy cameras and lenses, I'm like.... what on earth is that for, and why is it so big?! Jackie runs blogs and a super helpful Facebook group for Lloret (even the mayor of Lloret enjoys it!) So if you're looking for a friendly community, stunning photography and reviews and recommendations about some fab bars, restaurants, trips, towns and hotels... here's your go-to guide.

We stayed in Hotel Aquarium and Spa which I’d definitely recommend. It’s out of the hustle and bustle of Lloret’s busy centre, but near enough for a nice stroll down (I always discover some calf muscles after the walk). You’re close to Fenals beach which is equally as stunning as Llorets. The hotel is immaculately clean, we always found something nice to eat and the spa facilities are just lush. Choose to dip in the ice cold pool outside or have a toasty swim in the indoor pool.

Lloret is carb central. A mix of high-end stores and tourist targeting stalls, crepes and waffles, millions of ice-cream flavours to make you indecisive for hours, fluffy white dogs everywhere, and I mean everywhere (a dream come true). It’s a place of beauty, but also one of tranquility if you pick the right spots. The centre is bursting with life, and there is always something to do. You have your home favourites, McDonald’s and Dominos, pizza pick-me-ups, pasta to go, baguettes bursting with filling. I even read reviews of one holiday-maker enjoying a nice Sunday roast. Wish we’d known about that one. A few restaurants I'd recommend are Route 66, an American diner where I enjoyed a huge plate of nachos, hot dogs, lasagna and garlic bread and a delicious salad whilst looking out to the sea. La Campana (Pedro’s) restaurant is the Spanish local, hidden away in the quiet streets. You must pay a visit here, I often dream about the food I consumed there, longing to go back...roast chicken (which is all they do here by the way, so don’t come looking for steak - you’ll be greatly disappointed), fries, salad, and my new fave ciabatta bread with tomatoes and oil. You bet Billy tried recreating this for us at home, and er, it, sorta, kinda, didn’t compare. Not in the slightest. If you’re missing your Saturday night tradition of sitting in bed with Netflix on and a good ole Chinese takeaway to keep you company, fear not, because Free Wok Buffet has your back. Literally fill your plates sky high with meats, fish, salads, and my personal favourite, beef in black bean sauce and a good whopping of rice on the side.

The amount of alcohol they pour into your glass here... do I need to remind you of the six vodka lemonade scenario? I kept getting hammered off two drinks. The cocktails are beaut, and if you want to be blown away by size here (not even gonna fuel the fire)head to the beach bars for some crazy looking concoctions. My grandparents have their pub faves, so I’d recommend Rabbies (you’ll find the cutest dog here, you’re welcome), Buzzby’sThe Nags Head (I think about their sex on beach cocktail a lot) and Queen Vic. Give them a visit for a laugh, and affordable drinks.

Our holiday was well needed, I was able to cosy up with a book, relax in the spa, stuff my face with crepes and buns galore, play cards, drink cocktails, eat well, explore new places, be blown away by unbelievable views, get lost by the sea, attempt to sit on the beach only to pack it in pretty quickly as it wasn’t very hot, spend all my money on presents for family, get drunk off two drinks, be around great company, take beautiful photos and create a decent Insta theme (yaaaasss). 

COMING UP: Lots more Lloret blog posts about some of the incredible trips we went on and places we visited.

Lloret De Mar you have my heart. I’ll always remember this holiday, it was a trip of a lifetime. I will be back. Watch this space.

(Spoiler alert, I returned this year)

Have you ever been to Lloret De Mar? 




  1. Oh my gosh the cocktails do look absolutely amazing, and the alcohol percentage sounds even better! It looks like an amazing place to visit if you ask me x

    1. Thanks Kayleigh! The alcohol amount is amazing hahaha!! xx

  2. I love lloret, I go to a place in Pineda not too far from Lloret! And this blog post is amazing!!
    Amy x ( xx

    1. Oh that's amazing to hear, glad you love it too! I don't think I've heard of Pineda, I'm gonna have to add it to the list :) xx


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