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Hey everyone, I'm back with another travel post from Lloret De Mar! This post has all you need to know about the top places to visit in Costa Brava.

And let me tell you... there are some absolutely unbelievable locations.

My grandparents were basically our tour guides, they know all the best spots in Costa Brava for scenic views, hidden gems and of course, some tourist traps along the way.

Cala de Sant Francesc is a must-see, don't forget to take your camera along for some stunning shots. You'll be surrounded by a birds eye view of Blanes, and met with a beautiful white church at the top of the hill, dominating the world below. The beach is exquisite; nestled in a cove away from distraction. The journey there is also pretty spectacular - but one that fills you with envy. You'll drive past multi-million euro villas, colours of pink, white and yellow with majestic flowers spiralling from every corner.

Tossa De Mar is a quaint and picturesque town around 103km north of Barcelona and 100km south of the French border. Stretch your legs and walk up to the castle, where you'll be greeted by the bright blue ocean, sandy beaches and blistering sun. Walk back down and take a short cut through the winding, cobbled streets, passing the local houses. Did you know Tossa is the only entirely surviving fortified medieval town along the Catalonia coast? It's definitely one to visit.

Santa Clotilde Gardens was only a five minute drive from our hotel (Aquarium and Spa), so it was on our list to visit. Its beauty is evident in photographs, but you truly need to witness it through your eyes and not just a lens. The garden holds homage to sculptures, beautiful beach views and a Renaissance-inspired design. The gardens transport you to Italy with its art and modernity, a perfect place for a picnic.

For more spectacular views visit Castellfollit de la Roca, a town in Girona, where you'll be shocked at the houses situated on the edges of a cliffe. Though when you're up there, chilling out with a cold Fanta, watching the world go blissfully by through the open windows, you forget how close you are to the edge. Your mind is busy occupied by the flowers, blue skies and neighing horses.

Coastal walks are always a must for me. I love being beside the sea, exploring untouched paths. You can walk from Fenals to Lloret beach, passing coves, a beach restaurant, paths spiralling out of control and crashing waves at the shore.

S'Agaro is another beautiful coastal walk, situated in Girona. On the day we visited, waves were reaching their limits, crashing onto rocks and spraying our warm faces with freezing droplets. The short-cut back to the car takes you through a road lined with mansions, the streets reminding me of LA.

If you're looking to visit Lloret de Mar, read my previous blog post here for restaurant recommendations and my reasons why you need to visit the stunning city.

Next time, Lloret.




  1. I went to Costa Brava when I was a kid but we basically stayed in the hotel resorts and just did the bog-standard excursions the travel company offers! But I'd love to go back and properly explore. Lovely photos! x


    1. Ah yeah I used to always do that when I was younger, so I'm glad my grandparents live there and they can take us out and about to explore some really cool places! Thank you :) xx

  2. These images look incredibly beautiful! This gorgeous place has gone straight onto my bucket list. What a lovely place to visit, and there seems to be so much fun and relaxing stuff to do. <3

    Soph - x

  3. Oh this looks like paradise, and if my bucket list wasn't long enough already haha. The views are just stunning! Thanks for sharing xx

    Evie x |

    1. Oh it's beautiful!!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting :) xx

  4. Oh wow, it seems like yovue really hunted out some truly beautiful spots! Cala de Sant Francesc sounds incredible! You look lovely in your pic at Santa Clotilde Gardens. I didn't have Costa Brava on my travel bucket list but your lovely post and pictures have just put it right to the top of my list!

    Kate x

    1. Thank you so much Kate, that's so so lovely!!! :) xxx

  5. I absolutely love travelling to Spain but I've never really explored Costa Brava before. I usually travel to cities around Andalucia. It looks absolutely stunning though from the looks of your photos! x

  6. So many gorgeous places! Tossa De Mar definitely caught my eye it looks absolutely amazing. Beautiful photos :)

    Anika |


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